Downfall Gaming Rebrand

Over the last few weeks, Downfall Gaming has been working with a range of talented graphic designers to rebrand the organisation. We wanted to shift away from generic mascot logos (which are becoming overpopulated in the esports industry) and create a brand that would be unique and marketable long term. We have decided to keep purple as our secondary colour as few organisations have it as their team colours.

After doing some research, we approached Sweyda with the brief and he was more than happy to work with us. We settled on the concept of a skull with a killshot to represent the word “downfall”. You can view the full presentation here:

We then hit up RawTheMonsteR to complete all our social media branding. He took the raw logo files and worked on creating a brand identity for social media. Here’s the end result:


Merchandise is still under development but will be available for purchase soon. However, we can give you a sneak peek at what’s to come:


We hope you enjoy the new look Downfall and keep an eye out for more announcements coming soon!

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