R6 Roster Update

Over the last few weeks, our Rainbow 6: Siege team has gone through some major roster changes. Sadly, we say goodbye to Kasper, MIDNIGHT, Dino and Timid as they pursue pro league teams and other endeavours. They were an integral part of Downfall’s success and helped us become one of the top U18 teams in the region.

Team manager Mattstorm had the following to say:

“When the team of Clarence, Luk4h, Kasper, Midnight, Dino and Timid combined to seek organisational support from Downfall, they seemed unstoppable, giving Pro League teams a run for their money and on many occasions, winning against these top tier teams. They were one of the best under 18 teams for Siege within the ANZ region, being seen as a team that could make Pro League if they were all 18+. Kasper, Midnight and Dino have made the choice to leave the roster to pursue their passion for Pro League as they approach 18 years of age. Timid has left the roster as his interest in other games was his main source of enjoyment. Kasper, Timid, Midnight and Dino all leave on good terms and we thank them for being excellent team mates and friends as we wish them all the best for their future in the competitive scene.” 

That left Downfall R6 with Clarence, Luk4h and manager Mattstorm. Over the last few weeks, we have been trialling a number of young and up-and-coming players, and we would now like to officially welcome Ante.Up, Arty and Blue to the roster.

Make sure you give the boys a follow:

Mattstorm (manager and sub)

We’re extremely excited to see how the new roster goes over the course of the CyberGamer ladder!

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