Farwell Ice

It is with heavy heart that we say goodbye to General Manager and StarCraft II player Jamie “Ice” Beresford today.

Jamie has decided that he wishes to ignite his passion for esports and playing SC2 again rather than managing a team/organisation. In order to do so, he will be stepping down from his duties at Downfall and focusing on himself for a while. This is combined with other real life commitments getting in the way such as quitting his job and finding a new career.

Ever since Jamie joined back in August 2017, he has been an incredibly valuable asset to the organisation. Soon after he joined, we received word of a Pro League for StarCraft 2. This required us to build a full SC2 roster. Jamie asked around online and also spoke to a number of players at LANs and thus our SC2 team was formed. The players he hand picked have become like family and he has definitely earned their respect as a player, manager and person.

In season 1, Jamie thrived as both a player and a manager. He played some very close series and also predicted the match-ups each week with precision (often putting himself in the less favourable match-ups). Unfortunately, when season 2 came around Jamie’s passion for the game was at an all-time low. He still picked the match-ups each week, but was not actively playing anymore.

Jamie was not only committed to the SC2 team, but also the entire organisation. Being based in Adelaide, he quickly transitioned into a management role alongside the rest of the Adelaide team. He believed in building the organisation as “one big family” which I feel we achieved. He also dabbled in Rainbow Six: Siege and Heroes of the Storm himself, filling in for scrims and officials wherever needed. So much so, the hashtag #iceundefeated became a bit of a meme across all our teams and players.

From all the staff & team members past and present, we’d like to wish you all the best and know that you will succeed in your next chapter.

We hope to see you around the discord!

Throwback to when Ice first joined DF:

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