Welcome Downfall CS:GO

We're pleased to announce our return to CS:GO today with the signing of "ZOOWEEMAMA" Please join us in welcoming: BigGreenBrimoKoroKrispyRevilo They are currently competing in CyberGamer-Challenger and ESEA-Open. The roster is predominantly based in Adelaide which is a huge bonus for the organisation. We look to build on our already ... More

Downfall enters the FGC!

We are excited to announce we've enter the Fighting Game Community by picking up three SA Super Smash Bros players. Please welcome: Andre "Andre" PesceJacob "StabbyJ" KanikulaBrad "Taicho" Booth Our plan is to head down to local Smash events in South Australia and make some new content. They'll also be representing us at a few domestic ... More

R6 Roster Update

Over the last few weeks, our Rainbow 6: Siege team has gone through some major roster changes. Sadly, we say goodbye to Kasper, MIDNIGHT, Dino and Timid as they pursue pro league teams and other endeavours. They were an integral part of Downfall's success and helped us become one of the top U18 teams in the region. Team manager Mattstorm ... More

StarCraft 2 Roster Expansion

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our StarCraft 2 roster! Since picking up Ice a few months ago, we have enjoyed being a part of the scene and have taken a strong interest in the game. The three players that are joining our organisation are veterans and will help us cement our position as one of the strongest StarCraft teams in the ... More

Jerseys Now Available for purchase

Our 2017 player jerseys are now available to purchase for $50AUD at the downfall shop. They can be fully customised with your name and gamertag! Any questions? Send us a DM on Twitter or email: contact@downfall.pro More