Downfall Fortnite

We're excited to announce we've dropped into the competitive Fortnite scene! Please welcome CalZ SikHTN ski0 seslu outi (Manager) They will be playing in OCE Pro Scrims as well as putting out #Fortnite content on a regular basis. Give the boys and follow and stay tuned! More

R6 Roster Update

Over the last few weeks, our Rainbow 6: Siege team has gone through some major roster changes. Sadly, we say goodbye to Kasper, MIDNIGHT, Dino and Timid as they pursue pro league teams and other endeavours. They were an integral part of Downfall's success and helped us become one of the top U18 teams in the region. Team manager Mattstorm ... More

SC2: Welcome Rize

We're pleased to announce that we've picked up Jessie "Rize" Byrne as part of our Starcraft 2 roster. Jessie is a GM Protoss player from Adelaide, South Australia who has been competing in the ANZ scene since mid 2013, spending time in top organisations such as Frenetic Array, SYF and 1Fpro. He comes to Downfall with a wealth of talent and ... More


We are please to announce our expansion into  Heroes of the Storm in 2018. After seeing the success of HGC last year, we decided it would be great for the organisation to join the scene. Please welcome... MagicGnom SupaFish Conya ShrekIsLove Flaze AgainstTime (SUB/COACH) The team will debut for us in a pre-qualifier tournament ... More

H1Z1 Roster Changes

In case you missed it: our H1Z1 team recently went through some pretty big changes. At the conclusion of the season, half of the team were unhappy with the overall environment and lack of motivation. After an extremely tough decision, the team decided to part ways with YamumNz, Crash and Sharpy.  From everyone at Downfall, we would like to ... More

Downfall Enters R6: Siege

We are pleased to share that we have expanded in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege with the acquisition of the former Team Zeuronic roster. Although most of the team are too young to compete in the pro league, their maturity, reputation and of course results extremely impressed us. For example, they have recently taken out a few CyberGamer $120 ... More

Starcraft 2: ANZ Pro League

We are excited to finally announce that we have been offered a spot in the Blizzard ANZ Pro League for StarCraft II alongside Legacy, SYF, OSCElite and 1FPro. If you are unfamiliar with the format, it is a team league with four best of ones and an ace match if scores are tied 2-2. Each player can only play once, until the ace match where ... More

welcome downfall.h1z1

We are pleased to announce our expansion into H1Z1 after picking up the roster formerly known as Foregone Conclusion (4G)! Please join us in welcoming: YamumNz Sharpy KingTroll EggRoii Crash SliWill Tribal One reason we decided on this roster is that they are all mates from New Zealand. Downfall prides itself on being one big ... More

StarCraft 2 Roster Expansion

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our StarCraft 2 roster! Since picking up Ice a few months ago, we have enjoyed being a part of the scene and have taken a strong interest in the game. The three players that are joining our organisation are veterans and will help us cement our position as one of the strongest StarCraft teams in the ... More


To celebrate our new Starcraft 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams, we're hosting a giveaway. We have a downfall jersey, $20 Steam/Blizzard card & M4A1-s Decimator Factory New to giveaway. That's right, one winner, three prizes. All you need to do is retweet the following tweet: More